20 year old Nazan Kaplankiran is someone who lives with a number of chronic illnesses, such as: Anxiety, Depression, and Rod Cone Dystrophy/Sight impairment, Nazan raises awareness for invisible illnesses through music, public speaking, blogging and lyric writing.

From personal challenges and difficulties, Nazan has experienced first hand how hard it is to live with chronic illnesses. At just 11 years old, her biggest turning point was when she got told by a professional that she was going to go blind at 25 years old. Panick attacks, hopelessness, grief and pain has driven her to make a difference for those who are suffering, and to teach those who don’t experience a chronic illness to understand the difficulties and support that’s needed for those who do live with a chronic illness.

Her aim is to fight the stigma behind Mental Health, Disabilities, and Invisible illnesses by encouraging young people to speak up about their chronic illnesses, and to seek help when needed. The IN MY EYES blog is a safe space for people who want to share their stories, and to those who want to learn about the struggles and hopes within someone who is living with an invisible illness. #inmyeyes








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