Is Anxiety becoming a ‘TREND’?

After a conversation I had with friends yesterday, I noticed that there is a very bazaar trend going on in society and social media nowadays.

It seems to be a trend now to say ‘I have anxiety’, or ‘this is giving me anxiety.’

I never thought of it this way until yesterday but these sentences seem very overused, whilst some people actually suffer from mental health conditions, other people self diagnose themselves and glamorise anxiety as if it’s a ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ thing to have, using the word ‘anxiety’ in the wrong context.

Or is the case, everyone does have anxiety more nowadays because of the pressures of social media? The obsession with numbers, likes, comments and subscribers that we think defines our value? Is the competition that we are putting ourselves against by comparing ourselves to others through media too much for us? Could this be a reason for the ascending numbers of anxiety amongst young people?

Everyone’s anxiety is different- it’s a unique condition, not to say if you experience it mildly its not acceptable, because that is not the case. Talking about it influences others to as well, but has it come to a point where it’s almost becoming a trend in a bad way?

There’s a difference between worrying about exams, work, people, relationships etc, and worrying to the point it makes you feel sick, and interferes with your DAILY functioning/ living.

I read an article today which included this:

“There is also the effect that each time someone I know becomes ‘ill’ with anxiety, it has the potential to become decreasingly important. Like the impact of a new trend when it filters down to the high street: everyone has it nowadays. I acknowledge the somewhat shallow comparison between a psychological disorder and fashion, however it highlights a further more disturbing point about the devaluation of the term ‘anxiety’.”CLICK HERE to read the full article by Hannah Coles.

Another article talks about how Anxiety should be a fashion trend where its selling in shops etc:

I WANT anxiety to become a trend. I want it to become more trendy than avocados. I want it to become so trendy that it gets its own clothing line and homeware range.CLICK HERE to read the full article!

After reading this, this ‘TREND’ thing is really bugging me, because anxiety is not a cool thing to have. It destroys you. It floods you with a 1000 negative thoughts firing away in your head. It makes you worry, till the point where you feel sick. It makes you numb all over your body, sometimes to a point where you collapse from having an attack. It makes your heart race. It makes you sweat and feel like you have a fever. It makes you black out and feel faint. It makes you feel like you’re having a heart attack. It makes you feel like you can’t breath. It makes you want to self harm continuously and and have suicidal thoughts. It makes you not want to go outside. It’s something that makes you want to isolate yourself from everyone for days and maybe weeks. It makes you think that you have no one around you and that you’re not good enough. It’s not something that only lasts 2 days. Its something that can affect you every day for several months and  years.

There is nothing beautiful and trendy about it. There’s nothing to glamorise. And I know that because I am diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and Panic disorder. (Obviously quite severe cases of it from what you’ve read)!


However, is it a good thing thats its trending? Is it good that we are talking about it so much that more people who are suffering in silence are speaking up?

I’m not on any side here! I’m looking at it from both perspectives. Maybe it’s a positive thing that we are so comfortable talking about it, and maybe its part of a movement we are unaware about… de stigmatising the taboo subjects! Let’s not forget that someone who suffers from an Anxiety disorder could be experiencing it very differently to someone else. There really is a wide spectrum! (And that’s the same with any illness).

I’m interested to see what other people think to. Are people talking about anxiety for the wrong reasons? If you suffer from anxiety related conditions, does this bug you that its a trend? Should Anxiety be a trend?

Thank you for reading, and I’m really interested to hear what you have to say as well as I was unsure whether it’s a good or bad thing to class anxiety as a popular ‘trend’.

(FYI i’m still on both sides)- What about you?…

Thank you for reading,

Send me your stories if you also suffer from an Anxiety related disorder to! I’d be happy to share!

Lots of love,

Naz x

Photo credits to Andy Voakes! CLICK HERE for his page!


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