ill eyes

This year I have lost a lot of vision very quickly. When I went to my last check up a couple weeks ago, I found out that I couldn’t even see detail or letters with my left eye, I’ve been trying to distract myself from this as it seems so surreal, but there’s only so much you can do when the condition affects you ever day. Things in the distance and up close start to disappear and things that aren’t there, like shapes and shadows start to appear, I’m struggling to do simple tasks like read and cross roads because little patches of my vision just turns into nothing- I could be looking at a page full of writing and suddenly that page turns into a blank piece of paper.
This is a very scary process knowing that my condition has progressed so quickly since my last check up a few months ago, but call me crazy but I think this is the most inspiring experience ever!

The other day I thought to myself, why don’t I draw any more?- I see the world in such a different way because of my vision, so why don’t I use that in another form of art than music if I am capable of doing so?!

Any form of art is healing, but to be able to look at this piece and say ‘I did that, I actually did that being severely sight impaired’, makes me quite proud of my self and makes me think that nothing is impossible!

Don’t let your circumstances limit you because the only limitations you have is the ones you make yourselves.

My wake up call was loosing a lot of vision out of my left eye. I was thinking to my self… ‘ what if I loose my right eye as well within the next few months?!’

People say that they want to do everything they can before they die, but for me, I want to do everything I can before I loose more sight.

I WILL be a musician and perform in dark venues and my night blindness CANT STOP ME

I WILL draw and sketch whilst I can because my limitations WONT STOP ME

I WILL help other people and be of use to others using my condition through my blog and art/music, and even if people don’t want me to achieve I WONT LET THEN STOP ME.


I WILL explore and research all the beautiful things in life because even If I can’t see fully, I can feel and sense all those amazing things and hear them very close to me. Every sound I hear is music to my ears.

The sketch I did today of medusa has a very personal meaning to me, because I used her story in a way I could relate it to my self and my eyes. Her eyes are diseased and so are mine! (Don’t worry I can’t turn people into stone) 😎

Think of something that you really want to do or can do, and think of what’s stopping you from doing it…

Is it really stopping you?

A while back I watched a documentary of Ray Charles (who went blind at a very young age), to get some inspiration. The most inspirational 5 words I could find in the documentary that he said was:
‘My ears are my eyes’

He answered this when someone asked him, ‘ How do you do everything by your self, when you’re blind?’

Figure that one out yourself but I think that these are the most powerful 5 words ever.
If you’ve lost one sense your other senses will be stronger.

Close your eyes and take in every sound you hear… Life is beautiful right?


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