Hello my name is Nazan, I’m 18 years old. 

My aim is to raise awareness for invisible  illness’s, disabilities, and social dysfunction. I’m a singer/songwriter, and also write about these topics to. I got diagnosed with a rare eye condition called ‘Rod Cone Dystrophy’ about 8-9 years ago, at around the age of 9.

One day I bumped into a post, and some teenage boys started laughing. I wasn’t upset, but it made me think. How were they meant to know that I’m visually impaired? After all, young kids and teenagers don’t get taught about this in school! right? This tiny accident inspired me to do this project.

Before I share my journey with you in further detail in my next blog post, I would like to make it clear that I’m not doing this for sympathy at all. I don’t feel sorry for myself and neither should any one else. I’m doing this because I want to raise awareness about the important things that matter. I want people to take ‘invisible illness’ seriously. This is something we don’t get taught in school.

One thing that we do get taught about, which is also an importat matter, is socially accepting gay people. Honestly, at first this was weird for me as I grew up in a Muslim family. BUT I’ve grown up to learn that everyone is equal, and no one should be ashamed of who they are, and no one should feel isolated for being different, and I love this country for its accepting nature of people of different race, and beliefs. Although racism still happens to this day, England is very developed and is turning into a beautifully multicultural place, especially in places like London and Brighton.

Anyway, my point is that if socially accepting gay people is taught, why can’t socially accepting people with disabilities be taught as well?

Do you remember that person in your class in your year in secondary school that had autism, OCD, ADHD, or any other learning or physical disability?? Do you remember the people in your class throwing things at him/her, winding them up, and saying nasty things and bullying that person? Do you realise how this could affect someone for the rest of their life? You could’ve been the victim, or you could’ve been the bully, but if you were the bully, how would you of known that the person with a disability was living in a completely different world to you? After all, this is something we don’t get taught about in school, kids are cruel, kids are cruel…



People that are different, shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are. People who have a rare condition shouldn’t be afraid to share it with everyone. If we don’t share what happens inside us, how are people meant to know, and how are people meant to help?


I hope my project helps people with an invisible illness to come out of their shell and express their journey. I hope people who don’t have an invisible illness are more understanding to people who do.

We may not all have an invisible illness, but we all have invisible thoughts. Would you join me and share to aware? Don’t be a ghost and hide what knocks you down most, everyone has a voice, so why don’t you speak up?



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  1. Interesting concept… welcome to the site! I shall leave you a basket of virtual cookies on the metaphorical white doorstep.

    I like what you’ve said here. It is important for us to share our voices and our stories as they were meant to be heard. And we can’t know the effect we always have on people but by opening up a bit, we can learn how some things affect others. We can bridge to a journey of understanding, and isn’t that worth something?
    Love the message. I shall enjoy this journey we go upon in your blog. ❤

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      1. No problem! =]

        If you’re comfortable with it, you could explore a little more about your mental health struggles. I suppose the easiest place to start is how you define an invisible illness. From there you could compile information about those illnesses and then find people on WordPress who struggle with them through the tags system. That’s how I’ve been able to find a lot of new people and posts, and getting involved with the community by getting yourself out there will also increase your following and the interest people also have in your blog. Which is good because it’s a very important topic and I’m glad you’re reaching out to people through what you’ve dealt with. Which is hugely courageous by the way, too. You’ve got a good knack for writing so I’m glad you’ve reached this place where you’re utilizing it well. ❤ ❤

        That's also how you'll meet new faces and make friends here too, by getting out there, which is very fun and awesome! You could also try some of the daily prompts and relate it to your journey or new illnesses each day, too.

        Hopefully that brings you some more ideas! If you ever need anything else, feel free to message me =] I can give you a shoutout in a post, if you'd like, too?

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      2. Thank you! Yeah that’s a reall good idea! I think in my next blog I wa shout to write about how I will use my music to raise awareness, but I think I might do what you said and talk about the truffles of mental health, and then I could maybe add in the struggles of my eye condition to 🙂 I do want to reach out to more people o course!, my next steps were to share it on my personal social media pages and then put together a PowerPoint to do speeches around local schools 🙂

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      3. Awesome, yeah! Whatever speaks to you and flows from your fingertips will no doubt be amazing, thoughtful and give us readers a deeper understanding of you and your life. ❤
        Basically, we'll find further connection through you and that will help us to remember we're not alone! Hooray!

        Nice! Oh my gosh, doing speeches around your local schools sounds like such a marvelous idea!! Good for you, hun. That takes both courage and a lot of determination and strength. You'll do wonderfully, I just know it! ❤ ❤

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