It’s not pretty to overdoses

Okay, first of all, I'm not proud of what I've done but I'm happy to be alive, and grateful to be breathing. I want to share my experience through an in depth poem that i have written over the course of the past few days of being in Hospitol, because I want to express how... Continue Reading →


Charly’s BULIMIA

Hello people! I have been so busy lately to keep up with posting, BUT here’s Charly’s story with her BULIMIA! I think it's so important to share your struggles with an eating disorder, especially in this day and age, where all we see is 'perfect people' everywhere on social media.  “People forget that bulimia is... Continue Reading →

Is Anxiety becoming a ‘TREND’?

After a conversation I had with friends yesterday, I noticed that there is a very bazaar trend going on in society and social media nowadays. It seems to be a trend now to say ‘I have anxiety’, or ‘this is giving me anxiety.’ I never thought of it this way until yesterday but these sentences... Continue Reading →

Maddie’s PCOS

More and more people are wanting to share their stories which is great! I have a lot of respect for Maddie as she's sharing something about her that's so so personal, and she explains why it can be awkward to talk about at times, but I'm so glad that she wanted to raise awareness for... Continue Reading →

Kathy’s Psoriasis

I’m very glad that Kathy wanted to share her story, because I know that it can be very hard to talk about an illness that is not very common. Although Kathy was unsure about if her illness was an ‘invisible’ one, in my opinion I defiantly think it is!! Her illness may appear on her... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Anorexia recovery

I have another Anorexia recovery story ready for you! Recently, I've found that more and more people are willing to share their stories, which is amazing! Amy is a friend of mine who is so inspiring to me, because she openly talks about invisible illnesses and her journey with Anorexia through social media and her... Continue Reading →

The truth behind Anorexia Nervosa

MISCONCEPTIONS. There's so many of them surrounding the massive spectrum of invisible illnesses. Don't judge a book by it's cover. SERIOUSLY. There's more to a person on the inside than what you see on the outside. Most people would associate anorexia with just wanting to be super skinny. Most people don't realise that it's actually... Continue Reading →

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